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About us


Our Commitment to Sustainable Heating, Cooling, and Energy Solutions

Welcome to New-Heating, your trustworthy partner in sustainable solutions for heating, cooling, and energy. We stand for quality and service, offering innovative solutions in the realms of heat pumps, solar panels, buffer tanks, air conditioners, and more.

Our Mission: Building a Sustainable Future

Why: At New-Heating, we believe in a sustainable future, striving to preserve natural resources for current and future generations.

How: We develop and produce sustainable solutions using advanced technologies like heat pumps and solar energy, emphasizing quality and service.

What: New-Heating delivers reliable, sustainable, and energy-saving solutions for heating, cooling, and energy supply, with a strong focus on CO2 neutrality.

Our Vision: CO2 Neutrality and Innovation

Globally connected with New-Heating, we set ambitious goals. We aim for sustainable solutions with the smallest ecological footprint, achieving worldwide CO2 neutrality since 2020.

From Gas to Sustainable Energy and Hydrogen

In the Netherlands, once renowned as a gas-centric country, natural gas remains crucial for our energy supply. Simultaneously, we invest significantly in sustainable energy, including heat pump technology, solar energy, and hydrogen.

H2 Ready: Innovation in Energy Transition

In collaboration with global experts, we're developing groundbreaking technologies such as the H2 Ready boiler, set to hit the market in 2025. This appliance runs on natural gas but can be converted to hydrogen within an hour.

Hybrid Solutions for Now and the Future

Alongside gas-free new constructions, reliable and efficient HR technologies continue to play a role. Our hybrid combinations of heat pumps and boilers are seen as promising solutions for a swift energy transition.

Absolute Assurance: New-Heating Guarantees

New-Heating stands for assurance. We provide reliable, widely applicable, sustainable, and energy-saving solutions for heating, cooling, hot water, and energy supply, always accompanied by a high level of service.

Together, we are building a sustainable future. New-Heating, your partner in heating, cooling, and energy.


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