What is a Heat Pump?

What is a Heat Pump?

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Explore the World of Sustainable Heating with a Heat Pump

A heat pump is an innovative solution for heating homes by extracting heat from the air, ground, or groundwater. What sets it apart is that a heat pump does this with significantly less electricity than electric heating without a heat pump.

The Opposite of Cooling: How Does a Heat Pump Work?

The operation of a heat pump is similar to that of a reverse refrigerator. Instead of removing heat, a heat pump transports heat from the outside to the inside, creating a comfortable room temperature in the house.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are two main types of heat pumps for heating homes: hybrid and fully electric heat pumps. Good insulation is essential for the optimal operation of a heat pump. Make sure your home is reasonably insulated before considering a hybrid heat pump, and well-insulated before opting for a full heat pump.

Hybrid and Fully Electric: Which Heat Pump Suits You?

  • Air/Water Heat Pump:

    • Extracts heat from the outside air through an outdoor unit.
    • Transfers heat to a refrigerant and passes it to the heating system indoors.
    • Suitable for almost all hybrid heat pumps.
  • Water/Water Heat Pump:

    • Extracts heat from groundwater using two wells.
    • Expensive to purchase and install; requires permits for drilling into water.
    • Interesting for group housing or (large) business buildings.
  • Ground/Water Heat Pump:

    • Extracts heat from the ground through pipes filled with liquid.
    • Expensive to purchase but offers the best efficiency; can also cool without consuming much electricity.
  • Air/Air Heat Pump:

    • Works with exhaust air and requires mechanical ventilation in the house.
    • Does not qualify for ISDE subsidy.

Sustainability and Cost Savings: Reality and Expectations

Although the purchase and installation of a heat pump incur initial costs, it offers significant benefits in terms of sustainability and cost savings. The reduced electricity consumption and the ability to cool without incurring high electricity costs make heat pumps a promising choice for the future.

Conclusion: A heat pump is not only a technological marvel but also a sustainable investment in the future of heating systems. Discover which type of heat pump best suits your situation and enjoy the benefits of green energy and environmentally friendly heating.

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